Construction Industry safety and health monitoring

Workplace Health in the Construction & Roading Industry

80% of our client base is in the construction and roading Industry.

We know the business and the health hazards that your employees are exposed to, as well as your requirements under the legislation. At the time of health monitoring we explain in laymen’s health terms the impact of exposures/hazards to individuals' health, and how they can protect and self-care. We use the opportunity to educate and explain in plain terms, as we are often the only health profession your employees see year in and year out.

Critical safety roles in the field

These people are exposed to most health hazards such as:

  • noise greater than 85dB during the working day
  • changing air quality
  • UV exposure
  • stressors of time and resourcing constraints
  • muscular skeletal demands of push, pulling, carrying (so potential risk of injury or strain)
  • their vision for driving or close work for quality control and to meet NZTA requirements

Health Monitoring Options

Within this industry you are exposed to many health hazards. We have divided our monitoring into three areas that identify your risks:

  • Option 1: critical or high risk of health hazard exposure as in the construction industry i.e field & operational staff
  • Option 2: for those who have 50% of their day exposed to some health hazards 
  • Option 3: those who occasionally go on site or exposed to health hazards and spend most of their day in an office situation