Hearing Testing at work

Hearing Testing at workAudiometry / Hearing Testing at Work: 

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Noise - what's the problem?

Noise at work can be harmful to hearing, but hearing loss is preventable if you adopt noise control measures, and create an environment that protects the health of your workers.

The health of your workers is just as important as the health of your business. As a business owner, you have a duty to prevent harm to your workers’ health. One way that workers can be harmed at work is through exposure to noise.

A Control measure for noise is Audiometry Screening

A hearing test is a screening tool which will demonstrate the level of hearing loss your employee has.  Our Occupational Health Nurses are all trained in Audiometry screening and can advise, recommend and refer if needed to a specialist. Audiometry testing is the only way to determine hearing loss. This is recommended at the time of the Pre employment medical to identify to you what your new employee’s hearing loss is - then you can know and manage that risk going forward with yearly hearing tests. 

Audiometry is one way of you knowing that your employees are not being harmed at work from noise.