Injury & Illness Management

Injury & Illness Management in the WorkplaceInjury and Return to work Management

Accredited ACC providersCase Management

Triage assessment of injury and or illness ASAP from time of incident. Normally by phone triage or visit to determine the correct mode of management.

Then we liaise with providers such as GPs, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths etc, or provide the health service ourselves. We then develop an individual rehabilitation plan to restore the person to their pre-injured state and return to work as soon as possible.Return to work - Stay at work rehabilitation

  • Phone consultation for those employees who need to discuss any health issue.
  • Systems and communication networks for all communications of treatment planning and rehab reporting with health providers such as GPs, Physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Return to Work or Stay at Work Rehabilitation

We develop sound Return to Work (RTW) rehabilitation plans with the injured person and business to ensure all parties are informed.