Professional Development and Supervision in the Workplace

Professional Development and Workplace SupervisionWorkplace Lifestyle Counselling

We are an external provider of Workplace Lifestyle Counselling

Professional Development and SupervisionWorkplace Lifestyle Counselling time with a nurse is a private opportunity to look at and think about yourself and your work practice. We develop a contract of understanding with each other regarding the process and time frame.

We provide Private Consultation and Workplace Lifestyle Counselling from our clinic in 86 Ninth Ave Tauranga, by phone or by video link throughout New Zealand.

Staff roles in the workplace are demanding and often require a high level of commitment and energy, such as:

  • Being exposed to stressful situations
  • Regular exposure to violence and conflict
  • Frequent judgment calls or decisions that affect peoples lives and well-being
  • Leadership and management of staff
  • Working in isolation
  • High level of demanding and dependent clients
  • Learning new skills and strategies to manage changes

Employer Benefits

  • Prevent burnout
  • Meet legislative requirements
  • Independent management of issues such as:
    • bullying, violence and conflict
    • structural change in the workplace
    • changing team dynamics
    • poor moral, isolation, cultural issues
    • debriefing following crisis and trauma