Health Monitoring in the Workplace

Annual Health Monitoring at WorkHealth Monitoring in the Workplace

Annual Health Monitoring - Risk Exposure Monitoring

The health of your workers is as important as the health of your business. Every business has a primary duty of care to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health of their workers. This includes monitoring the impact of any health hazards that your workers are exposed to in the workplace.

This health monitoring in the workplace covers off your WorkSafe's legislative requirements

Hazard Exposure Monitoring

  • Hearing testing - noise exposure
  • Vision screening - NZTA requirements and quality control
  • Lung Function - air quality and lung irritants
  • Blood pressure - measure of stressors on the body both physical and emotional
  • Biological screening - for chemicals and heavy metals as lead
  • Asbestos monitoring - to ensure a managed process 
  • Chemical sensitivity to chemicals - as dermatitis or other skin irritants
  • Melanoma screening - those exposed to UV light - we can offer screening services
  • Musular skeletal ability - confined spaces
  • Pain and discomfort - that can limit function 
  • Workstation Setup - prevent OOS 
  • Exit Medicals - to identify any ongoing physical or psychological unresolved issues
  • Drug testing - to meet compliance requirements
  • Wellness - to educate around lifestyle balance

Exit Medicals determines your business health liability at the time when your employee leaves you.

We check for:

  • Injury sign off and any further pain or discomfort
  • Hearing and vision testing
  • Lung function
  • Effects of other hazards that could affect their health while they were in your employment
  • Psychological factors

Health Reports

We provide annual health reporting to meet your legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSE Act) for the company and each individual gets their own personal report at monitoring time.

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