Professional Development and Supervision in the Workplace

Professional Development and Workplace SupervisionNursing Supervision


What is Nursing Supervision?

Clinical Nursing SupervisionNursing Supervision is an activity that allows Supervisors and Nursing Practitioners to work together in order to reflect upon their practice.

For the Supervisee:

  • Make sense of your nursing practice
  • Unpack issues and limitations in your practice
  • Grow in your professional understanding and development of your practice
  • Feel that someone listens and understands your thinking
  • It is about you, for you and only you
  • Monitor your own practice

For the Employer:

  • Supports and promotes a healthy workforce
  • Retains staff by preventing burnout
  • Meets legislative requirement
  • Promotes higher levels of care being able to be offered by more informed staff

Clinical Nursing SupervisionHow does it work?

  • Meetings are confidential between 
  • Meetings have an agenda and focus
  • Recording by electronic file note and send a copy to you of all meetings
  • We meet on a regular basis to suit your needs: weekly to monthly
  • Sessions are one-on-one either at my office or in your work place, by phone or Skype
  • Skype meetings can work when you are working in other areas or isolated